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PureVision (6 lenses)


Monthly spherical contact lenses utilizing the pioneering AerGel technology.

Material: balafilcon A

Water content: 36%

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Data sheet

Power+6.00 to -12.00
Base Curve8,6
Amount of lenses per box6 pcs
Order fulfillment time48 hours (only for negative power)

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PureVision are monthly spherical contact lenses manufactured by one of the most popular lens manufacturers - Bausch & Lomb. They are soft silicone hydrogel lenses made of balafilcon A. PureVision had been the first to employ the pioneering AerGel technology, which balances oxygen and water in order to provide the user with exceptional vision quality combined with incredible wearing comfort. AerGel has been developed to repel the formation of protein deposits on the surface of the lens (the Performa surface) and to enable optimal lens hydration to further enhance user comfort. It succeeds greatly at both.

PureVision provide the eye with over 5 times more oxygen than traditional lenses (Dk/t=112). They are designed for monthly wear both at day and at night, so if you only want to put lenses on once a month, these ones will definitely be the perfect choice for you.

Who should wear PureVision?

They have been designed for people who prefer monthly lenses but do not necessarily feel like removing, inserting and cleaning them every day. You can wear PureVision in a daily, continuous or mixed mode - for a period of 30 days. This means you can adjust their usage depending on your needs. In addition, they are recommended for:

  • 20-30 year olds leading an active lifestyle
  • contact lens wearers looking for high quality lenses at a great price.

Lens Care:

PureVision don't require any care as long as they are worn in a continuous mode. Otherwise it is necessary to clean them with a lens solution after removal and put them aside in a lens case filled with the solution for a few hours. We recommend the Clean Active solutions or any other solution available on our offer. 



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