I. Who is this Privacy Policy intended for?

1. Optocare Sp. z o.o. with registered offices in Kraków (“Bestgaze”, “The Company”) places great importance on the privacy of Users of its website, (“the Website”). If you use our Website, this Privacy Policy is intended for you.

2. In the Privacy Policy you will find information on how we use the data that you supply us with, how we secure it, and what rights and responsibilities apply to you.

3. Remember that if you do not accept this Privacy Policy, you will not be able to use the Web Shop, nor will you be able to place orders.

4. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of

II. Who collects my personal data?

1. The Administrator of the data you supply is Optocare Sp. z o.o. with registered offices in Kraków (ul. Makuszyńskiego 18, 31-752 Kraków).

2. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or generally regarding the protection of personal data, feel free to write to us at: or at our postal address: Optocare Sp. z o.o., ul. Makuszyńskiego 18, 31-752 Kraków.

III. How is my personal data collected?

1. If you visit the website, data regarding your visit is collected automatically, specifically:

a. your IP address

b. the type of operating system

c. the type/model of browser

Simply visiting our Website does require you to provide any other information or personal data.

2. Collection of other data takes place on a voluntary basis, for example by telephone, fax, e- mail, or via the signup form for our newsletter, exclusively when you express your wish to supply us with this data, for example in order to receive offers, sign up for our newsletter, or place an order. In these ways you can supply us with personal data such as:

a. name and surname

b. e-mail address

c. telephone number

d. address of residence

e. delivery address

f. data essential for the realisation of payment for an order

3. Your personal data is also collected during registration for our Web Shop,, or during execution of a purchase order.

4. Summing up, we can collect and later process your personal data for the following purposes:

a) to enter into and realise a sales agreement for our products (and due to this for accounting purposes also)

b) to protect ourselves from any claims resulting from the sales contract and to exercise rights of warranty

c) to answer your inquiries (if you called or wrote to us with an inquiry on an offer and/or asked us to prepare an offer)

d) for marketing of our own products (if you are our Client, then we can process your data as part of what is known as our legally justified interest, and on this same basis we can use tools for remarketing using cookies – in any other cases, our marketing operations require your consent)

e) to send you a newsletter, if you have consented to this

IV. What is data collection like in terms of realisation of an order?

1. Before you place an order in our Web Shop, you can create an account in the shop which will make it easier to place further orders.

2. Registering the account requires you to provide your e-mail address, which will also serve as your login, and a password securing your account.

3. If you decide to place an order in our Web Shop, we will need some personal data from you, such as: name and surname, address of residence, delivery address if applicable, e-mail address, and telephone number. Additionally, the web shop may collect information on your credit card if you have chosen to pay in this way and have also chosen to set up an account in the shop. Furthermore, the Web Shop may collect information from Users on their PESEL identification number in order to check that a bona fide credit card is being used if the “Payment for account” service has been selected.

4. We collect the data described in the previous point in order to enter into a sales agreement with you, as well as to execute this agreement and for accounting purposes.

5. If you do not provide the data which is outlined in point IV.3, we are not able to enter into a sales agreement with you.

6. If you sign up for our newsletter and express consent to receive it, we ask only for an e-mail address to which we will send information. As part of our commitment to preventative health and in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, we may also use the e-mail or telephone number that you have provided to send reminders of upcoming terms for wearing contact lenses.

7. At any time, you can withdraw from the subscription by clicking on the link which cancels the subscription found in the footer of the newsletter.

V. How is data collected automatically? What are cookies?

1. As mentioned before, when you visit our Web Shop, some of your data is automatically collected. This data is collected by so-called “cookies”.

2. Cookies are files sent to your computer or other device when you visit our Website or Web Shop.

3. Cookies allow us to remember and check your preferences. Thanks to this, we can: correct your search results, refine the information provided on products, and also remember your session as a logged in User.

4. Cookies do not make any modifications or changes to the settings in your device or the software which is installed on your device.

5. Remember that you have the right to refuse permission for the use of Cookies (you can block them).

6. If you wish to block Cookies, we recommend that you select the relevant settings in your Internet browser. More information on this can be found at

7. Normally, Cookies can be removed from the browser by clicking on the option “Delete history” and selecting cookies by clicking on the checkbox or by blocking acceptance of cookies in the browser settings.

8. We inform you that if you use the Website without changes in the settings of your browser, this acknowledges consent for the use of cookies. A message regarding this will always automatically be shown on a given User’s first visit to the Website and Web Shop. Blocking or removing cookies may make certain Web Shop options unavailable (such as remembering the login, or autocompletion of order form fields).

9. We use data collected automatically by Cookies for:

a) anonymous analysis of User behaviour in the Web Shop

b) collection of demographic data on Users

c) personalisation of Web Shop content. We would like to adapt our offer as closely as possible to your preferences and needs, which is why personalisation of Web Shop content means that the products you see on the Website as recommended will be ones which have been appropriately selected based on what you have viewed or purchased from us previously. If you do not consent to this personalisation of content, then apart from changing your browser settings, you can also write to us at: and report your wish.

VI. How do we use other technologies which monitor actions taken on the website?

A. Google Analytics (cookies) – page statistics analytics

1. Google Analytics uses “cookies” to make it possible to analyse traffic sources and the way that visitors use the Website.

2. Google collects data on its servers obtained by placing cookies on devices and using this information to generate reports and to provide other services associated with traffic and the use of the Internet.

3. Google can also transfer this information to third parties if it is required to do so based on applicable law, or when such third parties do so on behalf of Google.

4. This data is solely used as material for statistical analysis and for the correction of system errors, and this data is in no way associated with other data which you provide us.

B. Logs and registry files

1. Apart from cookies, the Web Shop may also collect data usually collected by Internet system administrators as part of so-called logs or registry files.

2. The information contained in logs may include, for example, your IP address, the type of platform and browser that you use, your ISP, and the address of the page which referred you to the Website.

3. Some subpages of the Web Shop and other means of communication may contain so-called “web beacons”. Web beacons allow information to be obtained such as the IP address of the computer on which the web beacon has been placed, the URL number of the page, the loading time of the page, the type of browser, and also information contained in cookies used to assess the effectiveness of our advertising. This data is archived and used for statistical analysis and assessment of global traffic of Web Shop Users of

This data is not associated with the personal data that you provide.

VII. For what purpose is the personal data not originating from cookies used? Is this data transferred to anyone?

1. The personal data which you provide is used for:

a. contraction and realisation of a Sales Agreement, as well as for issuing a guarantee and realising rights arising from that guarantee

b. realisation of orders and sending goods

c. conduct of legally mandated accounting

d. marketing operations

e. acceptance of any concerns or inquiries which you may have

2. If it is essential for the conduct of the above operations, your data may be transferred to other entities. In such a case, the amount of data transferred is restricted to the absolute minimum necessary. Such transfer may only take place with our consent, based on an established agreement, and only to parties who ensure that your data will be adequately protected and processed in accordance with the law. This means that your data may be transferred to:

a) courier companies

b) individuals operating receipt of goods points

c) payment systems

3. If you are a resident of the European Union, we will not transfer your data beyond the borders of the European Economic Area.

4. If you express consent for our use of your personal data to send you commercial information (such as the newsletter), your data will be collected and used for marketing purposes, that is to send you information on offers, promotions, etc.

5. If you are not our Client and you have not expressed consent for marketing information to be sent to you by e-mail, SMS, or telephone, the personal data which you provide to us directly (for example to our employee or representative), for example via the infoline, may only be used in order to contact you and provide essential assistance and to realise the sales agreement which we have entered into with you.

6. If you are our Client, as part of our so-called legally justified interest, we may contact you to promote our own products. If you do not wish to be contacted by telephone or e-mail, we may then only send you printed materials via traditional post or display images in the Web Shop after logging in. As part of these marketing operations, we also personalise web shop content, as discussed in point V.9.c above.

VIII. Disclaimers regarding the processing of personal data

1. We inform you that we will collect IP addresses of Users of the Web Shop which may help us diagnose technical problems with the server or create analytical statistics (such as the area from which we receive the most visitors).

2. The data obtained in this way may be used to administer and improve the Web Shop.

3. The data obtained in this way may be transferred by us to other parties in order to generate statistics on the use of the Web Shop. In this case, no data will be transferred which would allow for the identification of the User.

IX. Do I have access to my personal data? Can I revoke a previously given consent to receive commercial information?

1. Remember that at any time you have the right to access your personal data. You can receive at no cost a copy of the personal data on you which we possess.

2. You can also always obtain information regarding:

a. the purpose of processing your data

b. what kind of data we process

c. who your data is transferred to

d. how long we plan to store your data

3. You are entitled to:

a. correct your data

b. remove or restrict your data, if this data is no longer necessary to us for the purpose for which you provided it to us (for example, for the realisation of orders and associated accounting and archival purposes), or if you have withdrawn your consent for the processing of your data or have any objection to the processing of your data for marketing purposes.

4. You can at any time withdraw your consent to receive commercial information by e-mail

5. You can submit a total objection to the processing of your data for marketing purposes.

6. From the moment that you accept an order, the data which you provided when placing this order cannot be changed.

7. We cannot change data which has been collected automatically.

8. You can make changes to your personal data by registering and then logging on to your account in the Web Shop, in your account settings.

9. We may refuse to remove your data if it is essential for the execution of our claims or for protection from any claims if this is required by law.

X. Is my personal data secured?

1. Your personal data is secured by us, by the use of appropriate organisational and technical means which avoid the risk of violation of your rights or freedoms.

2. In particular, we secure your personal data from access by unauthorised parties, and also from damage or loss.

3. The Web Shop is secured with passwords and is only accessed by authorised persons.

4. Additionally, the flow of information between you and the Web Shop is encrypted.

5. Transfer security of your data is provided by the use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer v3) transmission protocol. SSL involves the encryption of data before sending from your browser and de-encryption after safe receipt at the server of the Web Shop.

6. Remember that you are responsible for the appropriate security measures of your own login password for your account in the Web Shop protecting it from unauthorised access by third parties.

XI. Are there any cases in which responsibility for the protection of personal data is limited?

1. Remember that we are not responsible nor liable for the risks associated when you make your login or password for your account in the Web Shop known to third parties (including cases when this information is not adequately protected) or when you make it possible for others to use your account in any other way.

2. If you notice that an unauthorised person has made use of your account in the Web Shop or notice any other violation of the security principles for using the Web Shop, please inform us by sending an e-mail to:

3. This document (Privacy Policy) does not apply to products or services of entities other than Optocare Sp. z o.o. which have been displayed in the Web Shop on the basis of reciprocity or one not intended to have a commercial effect.

XII. Final provisions

1. You may at any time report a complaint regarding our use of your personal data. Complaints should be sent to the President of the Office of Protection of Personal Data.

2. This Privacy Policy enters into force on 25.05.2018.